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Judith Scott

Mediation and Employment Investigation Specialist

Judith is one of the most experienced mediation specialists in New Zealand. She has been involved in the successful resolution of thousands of disputes since she commenced practicing as a mediator in 1992 when she was appointed as a Member of the Employment Tribunal.

In this role between 1992 and 2000 Judith gained wide experience as both an adjudicator and mediator. Choosing to specialise in mediation once the tribunal was disestablished Judith has played a major role in the resolution of a wide range of employment disputes. The disputes she has been involved in cover both New Zealand and International organisations and issues including collective bargaining and individual employment relationships and problems. She has extensive experience as an arbitrator and investigator including being appointed by the NZ Police and the Police Association to arbitrate their salary negotiations. Her mediation experience and skills extend to mediating commercial, sporting, elder mediation and family disputes.

Since setting up Judith Scott and Associates Judith has conducted a wide range of investigations, including employee complaints, workplace reviews and union management relationship concerns. Positive feedback is regularly given on the quality and timeliness of investigations and report writing. She is acknowledged as quickly getting to the heart of the issue and being able to accurately ascertain what the problem is.

Judith has an LLB and LLM (Hons) from Auckland University and a diploma in Management from Henley (UK), She formally trained in mediation with CDR Associates, a leading provider of dispute resolution services from Border Colorado, in 2000 and since then has undertaken further training and development including conflict coaching training. She plays an active role in furthering mediation as a profession regularly providing mediation and dispute prevention coaching, lecturing and training. Amongst her coaching achievements is assisting the College of Law to develop and deliver their mediation training programmes and being recognised by Leader for her contribution to the professional development of others in dispute resolution.

She is involved in International mediation bodies delivering papers to international audiences on mediation both in New Zealand and overseas and was the first mediation advisor appointed to the Government Centre of Dispute Resolution. She is on the New Zealand Board of the Resolution Institute (formally LEADR) and an Associate Member of AMINZ.

Judith believes that her mediation style needs to fit the needs of the parties. Her wide experience and legal background allow her to provide a strategic approach to dispute resolution across a wide range of disputes.

Judith is regarded as a highly successful mediator whose expertise and academic interest is widely recognised. She continues to develop her interest in this area and is currently writing a PhD on Dispute resolution.

Improving workplace relationships is a special interest of Judith’s New Zealand workplace structures and employment law are not the same as other countries. Judith has a unique insight and special knowledge for working with New Zealand organisations to help them determine the issues and then proactively manage and improve their workplace culture.